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Should I wrap it?
#1 Posted : 8/28/2017 7:46:31 PM

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Just picked up a vintage imperialstar five piece kit with a vintage ludwig acrolite snare..color metallic white? It's a bit bashed up and has a few internal mutes missing...I was wondering what everyone thought about me wrapping it? Was thinking of having all the chrome stripped and powder coated black and wrapping it in pure white for that lars look? I'm new here so am I an idiot for thinking this? Looking around on eBay and other sites it appears this is quite rare...don't know how true that is but some of the prices I see for Tom's and such are ridiculous!!
I plan on never selling it but don't want to destroy a rare thing....it's a late 70s 5 ply mahogany with zola coating...13"-14"-18"floor and 24"kick...quite a lot of original hardware too...gonna try post a pic up...thanks for reading this and please be nice if I'm a moron!!
Gringomonkey attached the following image(s):
Gringomonkey attached the following image(s): 20170828_134836-800x450_crop_477x360-357x269.jpg
Gringomonkey attached the following image(s): 20170828_140259-800x450-400x225.jpg
#2 Posted : 8/28/2017 10:20:55 PM

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Gringo: If the wrap is badly cracked, chipped or peeling, then the kit is
ripe for a rewrap. Since original color wrap is not available then one has to go
with the next best thing, or like your thinking, do a Lars tribute kit.

70's Imp' kits are very common so no worries on ruining a rare kit, but be careful
of putting too much $$$ into a kit like this because your not likely to ever get it back.
If your keeping the kit forever, then have at it.

Restored Imp kits done in a new wrap can sometimes be more desirable than the original.

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#3 Posted : 8/28/2017 10:51:16 PM

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Thanks pontiyak...was a little worried I might be damaging it more by stripping it and re wrapping..the powder coating is where the real money goes as it's a lot of chrome to strip...I'm also trying to find a ten inch tom for it as the ones I have are a bit too big for the sound I want to get...they loud as hell though! I was quoted $216 delivered on precut wraps for it in pure white...I'm a very handy guy so no issues with the actual stripping and wrapping part...I may try and find some chrome stripper and do that part myself...the original wrap is ok, a lot of debts and nicks but no peeling...just done all I can to bring it up as far as cleaning and polishing. so next step is strip...also seems impossible to find the internal dampers for these old imps...lots of people pulled them out and threw them away many years ago!! I know they're pretty useless but would be nice to complete the rebuild...any tips are always greatly appreciated...thanks again!!
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