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Just brought home my first Vintage Tama set
#1 Posted : 9/5/2017 1:31:40 AM

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After drooling over a set of these with matching snare on Reverb for $1,500, I was determined to have a set. I've been interested in Artstar II's since that's the weapon of choice for one of my favorite drummers, Chiyo Nukaga of the sludge/doom band Noothgrush (interestingly enough she plays with a single rack power tom and a floor tom!). The Amber finish is gorgeous and how are you going to compete with the sound from maple shells in those 80's sizes?

Anyways, the pocketbook couldn't handle the $1,500 pricetag of the set on Reverb, but I miraculously stumbled across this same set (minus the matching snare) on a Craigslist ad in Atlanta for $500! A few phone calls, some arm-twisting to my employer, and a non stop round trip drive totaling over 1,800 miles and 28 hours later, I took home this beautiful set today! Came with Remo batter heads on it, but he threw me the old original Pinstripe heads as well. He claims it was an old studio set that didn't get much playing, which is a similar story to what levelpebble said about his old similar set that also wound up in Georgia (possibly the same one?)

I'm going to hook up my dual pedal powerglide vintage Iron Cobras to that bass, and figure out a place to mount my Tama closed-hihat arm attachment on them, and try to give these puppies some good playing time. I am still working out what cymbals I want to put on this set, but it'll come out in the wash. I'm going to get some rest after 38 hours straight without sleep to go get these things after work on Sunday, and set it up with a fresh set of eyes tomorrow. More pictures to come.
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#2 Posted : 9/5/2017 2:05:02 AM

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Congrats!! I had a set of those same exact Artstars. They are incredible drums. Enjoy!
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#3 Posted : 9/5/2017 2:10:02 AM

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Nice score! Please post pics once they're set up.
#4 Posted : 9/5/2017 2:36:38 AM

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Congrats on the new to you kit!
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#5 Posted : 9/5/2017 4:41:45 AM

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Congrats, nice! Clap

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#6 Posted : 9/5/2017 12:20:06 PM

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Congrats! I noticed you said your "first" vintage Tama set. If you ever want another one, I have a set of 1980 Tama Superstars that are in pristine condition. They are sitting in a closet with a sheet over them. I probably won't play them anymore now that I have Starclassic Maples. But they have sentimental value to me and I'd only want to sell them to someone who would truly appreciate them and take good care of them.
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